Playa Del Carmen

Cenotes, Changos and Sol - OH MY!

Wow!  How cool was this?!?  While we were down in Mexico, Mel and I were lucky enough to hang out with Sol Tamargo (our wedding photographer....minus Matt - he was shooting weddings in Atlanta).  We went for lunch at one of her favourite restaurants in Playa del Carmen, La Cueva del Chango.  I am a big fan of french toast and Sol highly recommended it.  Even though it was lunch I still ordered it :) was probably some of the best french toast I've ever had!

Here are some photos taken around Playa del Carmen.  Mel and I really loved this city.  It's sooo big! 

A couple days later we met with Sol for a Cenote adventure.  Cenotes are underground water caves.  These were absolutely amazing!  Sol and Matt have done some really cool Trash The Dress photography in them. 

Our guide told us that these Cenotes were over a million years old and only discovered 4 years ago.  If you are claustrophobic - I wouldn't recommend these! 

On our walk to the Cenotes we came across the changos (monkeys in Spanish).  Of course we had to stop!  Sol captured some images for us on my camera.


 This one had an itch and wanted Mel and I to scratch it :)

Okay - now onto the Cenotes!

This is the best shot from my underwater disposable camera.  Mel and I are snorkeling away :)

Mel, myself and Sol.

Thanks Sol for taking the time out of your busy schedule to hang out with Mel and me.  We had such a blast!