Ontario wedding

Terri and Jeff - Wedding

I first met Terri and Jeff back at a wedding I shot for Dana and Gavin last summer.  Well, I travelled out to towards London to this wedding hideaway known as "The Clearing".  Terri and Jeff knew they wanted to get married here ever since they discovered it.  The Clearing is a simple yet cool location, perfect for an outdoor wedding!  Here is their wedding through my eyes.  :)

Some seriously hilarious speeches!

Let the party begin!

Karly and Matt - Wedding

I have had quite a few outdoor wedding this summer so far.  Even though they weather has been completely dissapointing for awhile now, it always seems to work out on the wedding day.  Here are some highlights from Karly and Matt's Wedding.

This is my tribute to the Beatles Abbeyroad album cover a'la downtown Paris, Ontario.

This football shot was the only request the groom had.  He gave me a photo from his Dad's wedding that had his groomsmen all setup with the football.  I tried to give it the same authentic feel.

Dana and Gavin - 08.09.08 Wedding

Wow, what an awesome wedding!  I shot Dana and Gavin's engagement photos back earlier this year and knew they were a real cool couple.  Well it's now wedding time in August and they still haven't changed a bit :)  Dana and Gavin's wedding took place just outside of St. Thomas right in Gavin's parents backyard.  It was a beautiful set up, very country and very open.  Its always hard choosing blog photos, here are some of my favorites.

Dana and Gavin did something a little different, they wanted to do all their formal and family photos before the ceremony.  So we came up with the idea to have Dana waiting at the end of the isle for Gavin with her back turned to him.  This really turned out to be a special moment as you can see in the next couple of photos.

Now onto the ceremony.  Luckily the days schedule worked out in our favour, just as the ceremony was about to start a strong lightning storm was approaching in the distance.  These bolts of lighting managed to hold back just long enough for the ceremony to end.