Brantford Golf and Country Club

Karly and Matt - Wedding

I have had quite a few outdoor wedding this summer so far.  Even though they weather has been completely dissapointing for awhile now, it always seems to work out on the wedding day.  Here are some highlights from Karly and Matt's Wedding.

This is my tribute to the Beatles Abbeyroad album cover a'la downtown Paris, Ontario.

This football shot was the only request the groom had.  He gave me a photo from his Dad's wedding that had his groomsmen all setup with the football.  I tried to give it the same authentic feel.

Victoria and Matt - Wedding

I have to say Matt and Victoria had an amazing wedding!  We shot in various locations around Brantford, Ontario.  Here are some highlights.

Both Matt & Victoria are die hard soccer fans, so they really wanted to incorporate this into their wedding photos.  There is nothing cooler than seeing a bride kicking a soccer ball in her bare feet. :)

Not only are the B&G soccer fans, but also LOST fans (which I am also!).  Each table was numbered with a Dharma Station from the t.v. show.  It was a cool idea for all of those who love the show.  If you haven't seen the show I highly recommend picking up season 1 and you'll be hooked immediately! :)  Okay, enough with my LOST plugs.  But seriously, rent it or buy it! :)

Stay tuned for a Victoria and Matt Trash The Dress!!!