Lisa + Jeff Engagement

I'm almost done posting for 2011!  Here is another fun engagement session, this time with Lisa and Jeff.  Love these locations!  We started at the Rockwood Conservation Area for some shots @ the mill ruins and then finished up at an old rail car for sunset.  Fun couple to work with, thanks Lisa and Jeff!! :)

Emily + Charlie Engagement

I love this e-session with Emily and Charlie!  We started @ Westfield Heritage Village for a few shots, then off to the pumpkin patch.  You couldn't ask for a more happy-go-lucky couple for photo session.  Such a great couple :)

Thanks Emily and Charlie - you rocked it!

Jade + Mike Engagement

Here is a fun engagement session from this past summer with Jade and Mike.  I shot these in downtown Brantford.  Our original plan was to finish the session in the splash pad at Harmony Square.  Apparently Thursday nights are set aside for movie night.  I made a phone call to Earl Hag Park and they allowed us to shoot in the park after it closed, problem solved :)

I title this photo "Preparing For Marriage", lol

Thanks Jade and Mike for being such sports :)  Fun shoot!

Melissa + John Engagement

Well here is a seriously fun engagement shoot with Melissa and John!  We had planned this shoot at the Western Fair for awhile so it was exciting to see how it would go.  As a photographer it really is nice working with couples who both LOVE photography.  Melissa and John made this shoot so fun and easy.  Have a look at their E-session from London, Ontario (one of the best cities in Ontario!!) We started at Western University for a few photos...

Then we made it over to the Western Fair...  I think the three of us were a little overwhelmed by the crowds here.  You could barely move! lol

Who doesn't love a good old fashioned game of Whack-a-Mole :)

Love this cotton candy sunset series

...and that's a wrap!  Thanks Melissa and John for such a fun and entertaining photo shoot!!

Alicia + Eric Engagement ~ Jamaica

Well here is another session from my trip to Jamaica.  This might be my first ever sunrise engagement session!  We were up with the sun @ 7am for this shoot. :)  Alicia and Eric made this shoot very easy and it doesn't hurt to have this awesome tropical background either :)  This was all shot at the amazing Bahia Principe Runaway Bay Resort. Check out a fun/wet engagement session with Alicia and Eric (great sports!)...

congrats Alicia and Eric on your engagement!

Deborah + Eric Engagement

This engagement session with Deborah and Eric was shot at Dundurn Castle in Hamilton.  It's really a great location for photos (and they don't charge a permit for engagements!).  They are lovers of photography, so it's always nice working with people who are interested.  Have a look at my last engagement session for 2010.

We also stopped by this graffiti wall that I scouted out before the session.

Jenna + Steve Engagement

Here is an engagement session with Jenna and Steve from the end of last year.  These were all shot in and around the Woodstock area at my favorite time for photos... sunset.   A fun couple to work with!  Looking forward to their summer wedding!

Thanks Jenna and Steve!

Jenna + Rob Engagement

Here's a fun little sunset engagement session from back in the summer with Jenna and Rob.  These were all shot out in the back roads of Woodstock.  Great couple, lots of fun :)

Stay tuned for their winter wedding photos in the new year.  :)

Melissa + Sean Engagement

Here is a recent engagement session with Melissa and Sean which was all shot on Toronto Island.  This really is a perfect location for any photos.  Lots of old trees, stone bridges, beach, Toronto skyline and turned-over lifeguard boats.  What more could you ask for?  Well I have to tell you this session was a lot of fun to shoot!  Melissa and Sean made is easy. :)  Lots of laughter and candid moments.  Check out our sunset session.

Coming soon... Melissa and Sean's wedding day celebration at the Horseshoe Valley Resort!

Stephanie + Eric Engagement

Wow - what a busy summer this has been!  In between shooting weddings and editing I have shot quite a few engagement photo sessions.  Here is a recent one with Stephanie and Eric.  Lots of fun out in the country.  Except for the mosquitoes!

How can you say no to a cat that likes the camera?

Thanks Stephanie and Eric for the cool sunset E-session!