Diane photo shoot Mexico

HAPPY NEW YEAR! So over the holidays my wife and I did a last minute trip down to Mexico for New Years.  It really was much needed after a busy 2010!  Lots to see and do when we were there (if you've never been to Coco Bongos in Cancun - check it out!!).   I'm not really one for laying in the beach chair all day, so I needed to do something... :)  I talked our friend Diane into doing a portrait session with me.  Here are some photos from a couple different sessions.  Diane actually made this really easy to shoot, she's a natural. :)

When you are looking at these, just think 35 degrees.  Its really is hard adjusting back to this Canadian winter!

Thanks Diane! :)

Hailey, How it all began....

This really is a special blog posting!  Photography started out as a hobby for me.  It was mainly just for fun, nothing serious at all.  Well this was about 10 years ago.  Everything started to change for me when I started taking photos of Hailey. :)  I managed to find a few old scans of some of my oldest work.  These first two photos are of Hailey when she was roughly 4-5 years old.  Back when life was only about princess dresses and Disney movies. :)

Well I had a cool little opportunity recently to take some new photos of not-so-little Hailey.  She's not 12, but "almost 13" as she told me.  I still see the little Hailey I once knew in these photos.  It was fun to shoot our little mini session.

Thanks again Hailey!  I still think if it wasn't for you I might not be a photographer at all! :)

Desiray happy to be 16 months :)

Well I am very busy trying to get myself setup for 2010.  Here is a photo I took of my daughter Desiray today - it makes me smile, so I thought I'd share it with you guys too.  Oh yeah - is it seriously March already??

Okay, here is another one too. :)

My New York State Of Mind

I thought that I would share a few photos from a recent trip to NYC.  It's been a few years since I've been and I really did miss it.  There is really just something about this city!

Mommy & Desiray

We find the easiest way to get Desiray to laugh for a photo is to sing the Backyardigans theme song.  Works everytime! :)

Hangin' out in Central Park.

This fountain has been in many movies.  One I can cleary remember is Adam Sandler's Mr. Deeds.

Mel was lucky enough to meet Jeremy Pivens.  He plays Ari on HBO's Entourage.  One of the best shows on television!

I'm off to get a few night shots in Times Square.  Fisheye only.

Some late night street performers draw a large crowd.

MJ and his guitar

Here is a mini session I did with a friend of mine, MJ.  This is the day before MJ headed back home to South Africa.  This guy has mad talent!!  He is a self taught guitarist and is pursuing a music career.  I was really happy to be able to get these photos of him before his return.  Awesome work MJ and looking forward to seeing you again soon!