Kaitlyn + Ryan :: Trash The Dress (Day 2) .

Okay, this is easily the biggest adventure I've ever been on for any shoot.  Kaitlyn and Ryan are down for anything remotely crazy! :)  They wanted to shoot at this waterfall location in St. Catherines - The Decew Falls.  Boy was it nice out here!  We had a bit of a hike and rappel to get to the falls, but it was all worth it in the end!!  Check out a extraordinarily fun Trash The Dress shoot!!... Here is Indi and Phoenix, ready for their adventure! :)

Kaitlyn and Ryan rappelling down the cliff

Pretty cool looking mine shaft!

Lets start with this waterfall.. :)

Probably my favorite photo from the shoot, lol.  :)

These two are nuts, lol.  I wouldn't even get this close to the edge.

...But they turned out to be some pretty awesome photos.

Everyone does a rope swing into the water in their wedding dress, right?

Never thought I'd be able to make the Spiderman kiss work for any photo shoot.. but we made it happen here!

Thanks sooooooooooo much Kaitlyn and Ryan.  You blew me away with your willingness to try anything!