Natalie + Dave :: Wedding

Well the summer is flying by!!  So let's catch up to some of my wedding adventures :)  Natalie and Dave's wedding was so much fun to shoot!  It all took place at The Stone Maiden Inn, a nice cozy Inn located in Stratford, Ontario.  The wedding and reception both took place here and we ventured around Stratford for a few fun shots too.  I love when couples really make the wedding day their own.  After dinner they had cupcakes and make your own ice cream cookies.  Then it was the first dance followed by.... Capture the Flag!  Yep, you read that right.. it was all games the rest of the night! :) Here are some highlights from the big day!

Dave checking on Natalie

Natalie arrives!

The couple wrote their own vows - always great when they add some humour :)

Downtown Stratford

Natalie and Dave both love comic books - so we tried to include this in a photo :)

We had a chance to get a few more photos at sunset..

A wedding first!!! Natalie and Dave had their first dance and then brought everyone outside for some Capture the Flag! Awesome!! :)

Thanks so much Natalie and Dave!!!  Loved your wedding!