New York City 2011

Well a few weeks ago I was down in the Big Apple for a really awesome workshop with Mike Colón.  I will have a separate blog posting for the workshop photos as I am not allowed to post them yet. :) In the meantime here are some scenic shots in and around New York City.  I have lots of love for this city.  It's so big and there is always something going on!

Someone wrote random messages along the trails in Central Park one morning.  This one caught my eye.

I woke up the 2nd morning to find out that President Obama was coming to my hotel for a convention!  The security was high that day.  Lots of celebs came through the lobby of the hotel to support him.  I only managed to grab a few.  I tried to get a photo with Magic Johnson with my iphone, but he was in a hurry.. damn.

Al Shapton getting ready for an interview

Bill Cosby walking through the lobby of my hotel.  I missed the shot of Stevie Wonder :(  The crowds were going crazy for everyone - it was hard to move around!

This is the tent they pitched for Obama to park in.  No one was allowed near it.  There were bomb sniffing dogs and too many police to count.  Unfortunately no one got to see him.. no one ever does, as I was told.

Some workshop photos to come soon!