Jenn + Kieran Wedding

Okay I really had trouble narrowing down the photos here, I really like to tell the wedding story as best as I can.. so sorry if there are a few extra :) Jenn and Kieran's wedding was simply perfect.  You can tell a lot of planning and hard work went into this wedding.   Really such a fun couple to shoot, I knew it when we met for their engagement photos.  I loved the idea of them hosting their reception at the Art Gallery of Hamilton - so many unique possibilities!  Check out some highlights from their wedding day!

You'd think these guys had been practicing for this? :)

Okay, I posted this picture for one person and one person only!  You know who you are!  It wasn't the toilet damnit! :) LOL

Just a little wedding tip for the bride and brides maids..  just a little masking tape on the bottom of your high heels and no slips!  Presto!

It really doesn't get any cuter than this!

We actually had quite a few locations we used for their wedding party/B&G photos.  We started on the strip of the Westdale Theater in Hamilton...

wedding party chilling in the cafe

Thank-you to the two brides maids for enhancing this photo, lol..

Jenn and Kieran love books.. so this book store was a must on the photo list.

Onto the Art Gallery for reception..

I wasn't sure if they would be up for it, but I knew it would be something different for photos.  We shot a mini session in the parking garage of the Art Gallery.. pretty cool!

I didn't know the Nintendo DS did this??

A nice little personalized touch - they had custom Jones bottles made!

Thank-you so much Jenn and Kieran for a very unique wedding!  Great times!