Melissa + Mike Wedding

Wow, three blog postings in one day!?  Call me CRAZY!  :) I know I say how wonderful my couples are for every wedding.  I would never just say that, I truly have a blast at each and every wedding working with everyone from the couple to the wedding party/family.  Melissa and Mike's wedding was no different, they are such a genuine couple!  They are really in love and you could see it the entire day.  Most people would be a little down if it rained on their wedding day, and it did rain... a fair bit, ok who are we kidding, it rained A-LOT!!  It didn't bother anyone, really it was a fun challenge to work around the rain.. and I think we pulled it off.  Melissa and Mike actually provided their entire wedding party with rubber boots just in case. :)

As for the wedding details - everything took place in Brantford.  We used the Brantford train station and Brantwood Farms as our two portrait locations.  The rain actually held up for us at Brantwood Farms .. so really at the end of the day it all worked out perfectly!

No rain is gonna stop this bride!

We headed to Brantford Farms for a few quick photos before the reception.

Melissa and Mike started the reception off with their first dance.

I had to put this in here.  The MC's had a really funny list of housekeeping rules on the slide show.  Pretty hilarious stuff :)