Miranda + Brandon Wedding

This wedding with Miranda and Brandon took place at the Yee Haw Adventure Farm (just outside of Cambridge).  This was really a unique setting for a wedding.  Everything was planned perfectly!  Well, everything except the unfortunate rain that day.  More down below...   Here are some highlights from the big day!

Like a few of my B&Gs this summer Miranda and Brandon did their photos before the ceremony.  This allows the guests to go from the ceremony to reception with little wait time...

We managed to get some nice portraits done before it all began....

The rain started, but how long would it last?

Now I normally don't request this sort of picture, lol.  The groomsmen had lots of different ideas for photos.  Here is one of the hilarious 20 frames I took of them :)

Well the rain stopped, it can't rain anymore...right?

Nope, the rain started again.

Luckily Miranda and Brandon were dry under a larger umbrella.

Sealed with a kiss.

Props to Jenna, such a talented singer!  Amazing voice!

The reception took place in the barn, followed by a good ol' fashioned barn dance.  Gotta love that!

Thanks Miranda and Brandon for a very memorable wedding!

and p.s.  If you have kids, check out the Yee Haw Adventure Farm.. lots to do there!  We'll be returning with our daughter next year for sure!