Simran + Mike Wedding

Here is a recent wedding I shot with Simran and Mike. This was a very different wedding experience for me and I enjoyed it all.  Please note this blog entry is a little bit longer than normal.  I shot 14 hours of coverage for this wedding!  So there is lots to show :)

Mike arrives

Simran arrives and is greeted by family

It was really interesting to watch the ceremony unfold.

Simran and Mike arrive at Simran's parents house.

All the men push the car down the street.

McMaster University photo session

We arrive back at Copetown Golf Course for the reception.

There is now a Tea Ceremony where Simran and Mike present tea to their elders.

Simran gets ready for her 3rd dress change

Hilarious speeches - seriously some of the best! :)

We managed to sneak away outside for a few shots in the sunset.

A first dance with some live music is always a nice touch.

Jagoo was the highlight of the evening!!  They have this crown with candles on top that everyone dances around with.  I wish I had some video footage of this - cause it was very entertaining!  And the music was awesome.

I had to add this photo - the candle wax dripped on the mother's shoulders.  I don't think she saw that coming.  :)

A special thanks to Simran and Mike for allowing me to be a big part of their day.  I had so much fun and really enjoyed your family's company.