Hailey, How it all began....

This really is a special blog posting!  Photography started out as a hobby for me.  It was mainly just for fun, nothing serious at all.  Well this was about 10 years ago.  Everything started to change for me when I started taking photos of Hailey. :)  I managed to find a few old scans of some of my oldest work.  These first two photos are of Hailey when she was roughly 4-5 years old.  Back when life was only about princess dresses and Disney movies. :)

Well I had a cool little opportunity recently to take some new photos of not-so-little Hailey.  She's not 12, but "almost 13" as she told me.  I still see the little Hailey I once knew in these photos.  It was fun to shoot our little mini session.

Thanks again Hailey!  I still think if it wasn't for you I might not be a photographer at all! :)