Wicked Weekend Weather! The summer has officially arrived...

Sorry for the delay in blog postings.  I have been so busy lately shooting weddings, engagements, maternity and family photos.  I am working as fast I can to deliver everyones photos back.  Hang tight!  They will be back to you soon! Okay, I hope everyone had a really good weekend!  I'll just say it again, can you believe the weather?!  Wow 32 degrees of hot sunny heat.

I had today off to try and relax a bit but as usual I can't leave the camera at home.  We took our daughter Desiray to Ontario Place this morning to meet the Bob the Builder.  Desiray's most loved cartoon character, next to Dora.  Being the new parents we are, we kind of built up this meet and greet a little bit.  And low and behold Bob fell into the same "I'm afraid of Santa" category.  She was so scared.  Still was cute for her to meet him.

Here's a few snaps from the Waterworks park, which Des just loved.  Maybe we should have gotten the seasons pass?? :)